The Best Incense Sticks for Summer

The Best Incense Sticks for Summer

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After this month, no one can say we don’t get a real Summer here in the UK. We’ve made it through the hottest couple of days ever recorded and settled back into a comfortable 26 degrees.

Even when it was 40 degrees, I loved the heat. The second the sun is out, I’m outside in my piece of paradise, my garden. It’s where my little family and I will work, play, eat and all but sleep. But, both the best part and the worst part of my haven is that behind it is the woods; meaning I have every flying creature making my garden its home.

Now it sounds all idyllic and ‘in touch with God’s creatures’ when colourful butterflies flutter around the toddler and bees do their save the planet thing – but trust me – the novelty wears thin when there are a million midges swarming around your face. No exaggeration.

Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have a lifetime’s supply of incense. Burning incense in the garden fixes the downsides and enhances the up-sides. Here’s what I mean – incense smoke keeps the bugs at bay – they just don’t like it. So burn some incense and restore some peace.

When you burn incense sticks outside, you create a sanctuary. This is because our incense is strong enough to scent even outdoor spaces – the fragranced smoke will travel with the gentle breeze giving you a hit of fragrance here and there.

The smoke will also cleanse the space around your home, protecting the energy.

For me, and many of you too, the most important thing about incense this season is social (I love seeing your Instagram incense at parties photos!). When you invite friends and family home for a bbq or garden party, it adds a sophisticated touch – I’ve thought about creating a beautiful atmosphere for your guests, and they appreciate it.

Also, if you’re staying with friends or have been invited to a Summer party, take them a box of incense 😊


The best incense for Summer will:

Keep bugs at bay

Gives relaxed garden vibes

Makes the perfect Summer gift

The top 5 best incense sticks for Summer:

Jasmine Blossom

Jasmine Blossom incense sticks

Indian Rose

Indian Rose incense sticks

Lavender Supreme

Lavender Supreme incense

Orange Blossom & Lemongrass

Orange Blossom Lemongrass incense


Sufiaana incense sticks

Don’t like in-your-face florals but still want Summer vibes? Try Lotus Flower.

Lotus Flower incense sticks



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