These charcoal free incense burners are to use with incense that is traditionally burned on charcoal ie, frankincense and resins. We know, some people just aren’t feeling the charcoal burning vibe, so here are some charcoal free incense burners you can use with a tea light. They get hot enough to burn your frankincense and resin but burn with less smoke and generally, less charcoal faffing.

If you like the traditional feels though and want something to burn your charcoal in, try these – Charcoal Burners.

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We spend a lot of time picking out these exquisite charcoal incense burners to give you the best quality and design for any space. They’re mostly hand crafted, using the best of brass, copper, ceramic and simple, yet traditional clay; making them not only ideal for frankincense, woods, resins and sacred stones but aesthetically beautiful. You can also use them to safely burn sage leaves or incense cones. We even have some options for resin burners that don’t require the use of charcoal.

Some of these charcoal incense burners may require the use of sand underneath charcoal, but we’ve mentioned that in the description whereas, some can have charcoal placed directly in them. Any questions, give us a call.

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