Our TOP 10 best-selling incense sticks list

We’re often asked what our most popular incense sticks are; so we took a look back over the last couple of years, to find the most purchased and loved by all of you.

So, here’s a list of our TOP 10 BEST-SELLING INCENSE STICKS. If you’re not sure what you like, or simply can’t choose from our entire range, these would be a great place to start. Click here to browse our complete incense selection.

1. Oudh

Our Oudh incense sticks take the top spot as the most purchased. Once you sample these burn, they really lift you into another world. Known to be mentally and spiritually stimulating, Oudh is a complex, earthy scent, made with real Oudh (agarwood), which is priced above rubies.

Best feature: long-lasting scent even after burning

Perfect for: special occasions and entertaining

Pair with: Sandalwood Extreme and Amber but often best left alone.

2. Indian Rose

Not your average rose. These incense sticks are a world away from old-fashioned, sickly, soapy rose. A classic, done properly.

Best feature: Its’ regal fragrance.

Perfect for: Opening the heart chakra, attracting love

Pair with: Saffron, Radha.

3. Sandalwood Extreme

We called them our masterpiece and you agreed. These sandalwood incense sticks are made using the purest Mysore sandalwood oil. It really doesn’t get better than this.

Best feature: The sheer luxury of a super-strong scent.

Perfect for: The sandalwood connoisseur. Meditations, prayer ceremonies and impressing guests.

Pair with: Only with Oudh and Rose Absolute otherwise absolutely beautiful on its own. Plus, it’s super-strong – you may not want to add more scent.

4. Frankincense Resin Sticks

De-stress with frankincense resin incense sticks. Used for centuries in churches, mosques and temples around the world, these deeply resinous incense sticks give a ‘holy’ feel to your space.

Best feature: 100% pure frankincense resin on a stick.

Perfect for: Mood uplifting, anti-anxiety.

Pair with: Myrrh, Benzoin Absolute.

5. Myrrh

These incense sticks really honour the beauty of magical myrrh. We’re not the biggest fans of burning myrrh on charcoal in the traditional sense, but we can’t get enough of the sticks! Bitter, spicy, balsamic top notes and resinous, ever so slightly medicinal (in a good way) with wood-smoked undertones. So complex you have to burn it to believe it.

Best feature: It’s bitter richness, which lends well to spiritual explorations.

Perfect for: protection, cleansing and root chakra meditations.

Pair with: Frankincense resin sticks.

6. Lotus flower

Symbolic of Laxmi, light these lotus flower incense sticks to welcome prosperity and abundance. Traditional masala style with modern grace.

Best feature: Lotus’ gentle softness.

Perfect for: A special gift. We have never met a soul that didn’t appreciate this scent.

Pair with: Nag Champa Gold. Light enough to enhance lotus flower without over-powering its splendour. Dancing Sufi if you like sweetness.

7. Electric musk

These electric blue incense sticks are a flawless, sensual musk. Perfumed and bright.

Best feature: Aside from the colour, a long-lasting fragrance for hours after burning.

Perfect for: Refreshing your home. Creating a sensual space.

Pair with: Oudh to deepen the musk or Jasmine Blossom for added fresh revitalisation. Or all three at the same time if you’re feeling brave.

8. Bombay Blues

A proper masala incense stick with absolute patchouli. Made with patchouli the way it was originally intended before it changed into a horrible sweet blend somewhere in the 70s.

Best feature: Long dry burn. Lends itself well to other scents if you fancy a bit of alchemy.

Perfect for: Mellow times of contemplation and reflection.

Pair with: Patchouli Woods, Krishna, Indian Express.

9. Green Garden

Long burning Indian incense. It smells natural, grassy and good for you, like a long walk in a beautiful garden, after it’s rained.

Best feature: It’s green in both colour and fragrance.

Perfect for: Refreshing a space. A natural incense for those who don’t like anything too heavy or sharp.

Pair with: Fruits of the Forest, Orange Blossom & Lemongrass.

10. White Sage

White sage incense sticks are calming, cleansing and the perfect incense for purification. One of our all-time favourites. Read more about the ways to cleanse your space here.

Best feature: Can be used to cleanse your space by using the smoke for smudging.

Perfect for: Energy cleansing and protection.

Pair with: Delhi Nights, Wood Spice, Benaras Sandal.


If you’ve tried any of the pairings or even discovered some yourself, get in touch; we’d love to hear about them!



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