Frankincense – why it’s the original Christmas gift

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I know, we can’t believe it’s almost Christmas shopping time. To be honest, we don’t quite have the same excitement this year as we had before, and we don’t seem to be the only ones. I don’t know whether it’s because of recent events around the world, the realisation of costs and pressures, or just maybe we don’t feel like it just yet. I’m not giving up though, it’s early December, there are Christmas markets to enjoy and trees to decorate, I have faith it will all come together in the end, it always does.

Think it’s going to be a sweet and simple Christmas at The Henna Den HQ, good food, family, and of course, Frankincense. It is the original gift after all. We’ve all heard the story; three wise men of the East bring gifts – gold, frankincense and myrrh.

I remember being a part of the nativity play as a child; little did I realise then, the important role frankincense would play in my life as an adult. The more I burn it, the more I understand why it would have been such a worthy gift. But why were these resins the perfect offering? What was, and is, their significance?

FRANKINCENSE, the King of incense, for the King of all Kings. As rare and as precious as gold, its smoke was known to connect man to the divine. Used not only as a luxurious, expensive perfume but also in worship and prayer, this natural resin symbolises holiness and Kingship.

Even so many years ago MYRRH represented Queenship – magical fragrance, healing and protecting. Along with frankincense, myrrh was used medicinally to heal wounds, scars, nervousness etc. Used in anointing oil and embalming, perhaps the wise men knew its healing properties and what the future might hold for Christ.

As the traditional story goes, GOLD represented wealth. Treasured by men such as King Solomon and King Nebuchadnezzer, gold was truly worthy as a gift for a King. Some biblical scholars speculate the wise men were in fact carrying fragrant, golden coloured ambergris. As a lover of incense, I’m somewhat biased to believing this.


This season, we’ll reflect on the teachings of our ancestors, who burned frankincense for all these amazing purposes. We’ll share Frankincense with you on our website, as the real gift of Christmas.

We’ll be grateful for all we already have, live with the faith that all is well, and if it’s not yet well, it will be. Embrace each happy moment, and just have a really good time.

Most of all, good-will to all of humanity.

Peace, love and light,

Simi xx




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