*NEW* Portobello Incense Sticks

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Portobello – Old School Meena Supreme. Traditional agarbatti with big staying power.

Halmaddi rich. Full vanillin base. Gum Benzoin. Touch of Musk. 

Portobello was made as a tribute to both our beginnings, and to the rich history of incense in London.

Years ago, there was a wonderful man named Happy Hari, who sold incense on Portobello road. His incense breathed old-school-free-hippie and it was just incredible. Not musty patchouli, not predictable Nag Champa, but real incense from travels in India.

At that time, one of his favourite sticks was ‘Meena Supreme’. He famously called it the ‘jiggy-jiggy’ stick (you can think of the reasons why). It was deep, sensuous and in the first instance, perfect in its simplicity.

Soon after we started our company, Happy Hari entrusted us with his, and taught us a lot of what we know now. The come-back of his ‘jiggy-jiggy’ stick is long overdue. It’s here, and reborn as ‘Portobello’ – named after Happy Hari’s favourite market, his home, and a place forever in our hearts as the origins of our journey.

Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.

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