Rajnigandha Attar


Rajnigandha is a mesmerising, long-lasting Indian attar and is also known as Tuberose.

This sweet, floral fragrance oil is famously known as ‘The Mistress of the Night’, ‘Night Queen’ and ‘Raat Ki Raani’ in Hindi. This flower is said to rule the silence of the twilight with its seductive aroma.

This tranquil aroma has been used during prayers, spiritual gatherings and meditation. In Ayurveda, Rajnigandha has the ability to strengthen the mind and enhance emotional stability.

Rajnigandha fragrance notes:

Top notes: Lily, Peach, Coconut

Middle notes: Cinnamon, Jasmine

Base notes: Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Lily, Musk


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