5 Burns to avoid the pandemic burnout

2020 has been a challenging year for so many people around the world. It’s been a year adapting to change and a new way of life. Let’s face it, it wasn’t a year we all had in mind. With everything going on around us, there’s no surprise that many people are struggling with the pandemic burn out.

You might be trying to work from home while juggling homeschooling, being a key worker and facing all elements of life, or struggling with the lack of human contact and feeling like your freedom is drifting. Regardless of all this, we’ve found our flow; we know what we need to do, but really, we’re tired of it. We’ve re-decorated where we wanted to, Marie Kondo-ed every drawer, watched everything on Netflix, food-prepped, journaled, baked and home yoga-ed.

Now what? Well, we may not have the powers to make Covid disappear, but we can suggest some incense with the qualities and effects that will help get us through these final stages (hopefully!) of lockdown – at least until we can get excited about Christmas – when inevitably, the new-mother in me will find something else to craft. Plus, our incense will make your home feel like a sanctuary – a top priority considering how much time we now spend in it. 



This is top of the list because if we could only choose one incense, this would be it. Myrrh is under-rated and under-appreciated. We think that needs to change with the incense that’s best for change. 2020 has been all about challenges and adaptation and myrrh helps through new transitions. It is deeply resinous and bitterly (in a good way) medicinal, myrrh keeps us grounded and heals the root chakra. It’s also wonderful for maintaining tranquility in the home. An all-round incense stick for this situation.


For those of us who have been nurturing our creative sides with crafts and projects.

Did you know, not only is Jasmine famous for attracting love but also great for enhancing creativity. When you’re stuck for inspiration or need a bit of motivation – give this a go.


Many of us have tried to use some of this time to pray more, meditate more and get in touch with our spiritual side. Perhaps it’s the news of death that has had us thinking of our own mortality, therefore turning our attentions to a higher being. Maybe we’ve been more conscious of our own karma now, knowing that we can all be called to answer for it at any time. If this rings true, then burn any one of our Sandalwood sticks. It is said that Sandalwood was burned first and foremost to please the Gods as it’s the scent of the heavens – the ultimate in spiritual incense.


A perk-me-up for when it feels like another mundane groundhog day. Unique in its aroma, this is a fun, uplifting and bright burn. The happy choice of our list.


If you’re feeling the pandemic is creating a drag of low, stagnant energy which needs shifting or your chi needs a rebalance, then white sage is the incense you want. The smoke of White sage will burn away the bad vibes and cleanse and purify. Giving you and your home a complete refresh. Worth noting – we also added a drop of camphor and mint into our white sage sticks which makes them refreshing.

If you’re looking for how to smudge your space: a step-by-step guide


We can’t entirely know what will physically protect us through this but mental and spiritual protection is something to consider, always and especially when in lockdown. This is why Dragons Blood has to have a spot on this list. You’ve cleansed, grounded yourself, bought in fresh new energy and uplifted your spirit. After all that hard work – protect it. That’s what Dragons Blood incense will do.

Hope that helps and when it’s all done and over… maybe you could tell us what worked for you?

Stay safe and well,

Simi & Sam xx

PS. If anyone is struggling in any way and needs to have a chat, call us. We can’t fix anything but one of us are always happy to listen. Without judgement and with love. You’re not doing it alone.



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