Benefits of Lavender Incense – Lavender, The Holy Herb!

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Here are answers to some of the questions we get asked really often:

What are the benefits of lavender? Why burn lavender incense? What is lavender good for? What is the best incense for sleep?

Lavender is part of the mint family and is easily identified by its sweet floral scent.

The flowering plant is native to countries bordering the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India with a history dating as far back as 2,000 years.

Lavender was considered as a holy herb back in the old ages. Back then it was used to fragrance personal items, such as clothes and hair. The dried flowers were not wasted, they used in sachets to scent chests and closets and the ancient Romans used Lavender in their baths.

Helps insomnia

Lavender has long been used by people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders. In ancient times people used to stuff their pillows with Lavender flowers to help them fall asleep.

In this day in age, research has shown that breathing the aroma from Lavender could improve your quality of sleep. A systematic review of 15 studies in 2014 found that inhaling Lavender, had positive effects in people with mild sleep disturbances.

Also, many more smaller studies have found additional benefits of using Lavender for sleeping problems.

Research from 2015 has found that people who used Lavender aromatherapy felt more refreshed when waking up.

Try burning Lavender incense sticks for 20 to 30 minutes before sleeping if you suffer from sleep issues. Never leave incense burning while sleeping.

Reduces blood pressure and heart rate

A small study published in 2017 in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research found that when 40 people inhaled Lavender essential oil after open-heart surgery, they reduced their blood pressure and heart rate, suggesting the oil had a positive effect on their vital signs.

Could relieve asthma symptoms

As Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties, it may also improve bronchial asthma.

In July 2014, a study on mice was published in the journal Life Science and they found this incredible essential oil had a positive impact on respiratory health, relieving allergic inflammation and mucus hyperplasia. We are still waiting for further research to find out whether this would be the same in humans too.

Lessens menopausal hot flushes

A common symptom women experience during menopause is hot flushes. A study in the Journal of Chinese Medical Association in September 2016 found that doing Lavender aromatherapy for 20 minutes twice a day can help reduce menopausal symptoms.

Relieves menstrual pain

In one study, women who smelled Lavender for 30 minutes a day during the first three days of their period had less pain after two months. Other research has linked applying Lavender essential oil to the abdomen with less menstrual pain.

Relax the mind and muscles during your period by burning incense while doing a mindful meditation.

Helps mental well-being

“Lavender is known for its ability to calm the nervous system, lift the mood and even lower blood pressure,” says Dr. Lin. “Research links Lavender usage to less anxiety and depression.”

Stress can take a toll on your mental health. The higher your levels of anxiety the greater the risk for headaches, depression and low energy. Lavender is a natural mood booster and there’s so much research that suggests it has positive effects on mood, stress, anxiety and depression.

Helps depression and anxiety

A small 2016 study on women with postpartum depression found that Lavender prevented stress, anxiety and depression after child birth.

In addition, a small 2015 study examined people with kidney disease and the study found people who inhaled a scent of lander for 1 hour during haemodialysis had lower scores of stress and depression than those who did not.

Helps chemotherapy side effects

Aromatherapy may help people manage side effects of cancer treatment according to the National Cancer Institute and Lavender may help reduce anxiety about cancer treatment procedures.

Helps headaches and migraines

Lavender has a calming quality which often helps soothe a headache.

A 2016 study found that people who have migraines that received three months of Lavender therapy scored lower on a headache assessment scale than the control group.

Also in another 2021 study, people with migraines who inhaled Lavender essential oil for 15 minutes, experience less headache severity and frequency.

Good for balancing, cleansing and purification

Lavender incense sticks have antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. “Before we had antiseptics, people used Lavender to clean hospital wards,” explains Dr. Lin. “It’s still used for its antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Lavender incense is great for cleansing and cleaning your crystals. The energy radiation from burning Lavender can clean the crystal perfectly.

Lavender also helps balance emotions and cleanse evil thoughts. So if you’re not having the best of days, burn Lavender to help improve your mood. It also purifies both the non-living and living things.

Good insect repellent

Burning Lavender incense sticks will cleanse your space including repelling insects. Pests, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and moths are all known to be afraid of Lavender scents.

Good for focus and creativity

Burning Lavender incense sticks whilst studying and working can promote focus and increase concentration. It has subtle effect on the mind to improve mental performance and stimulate new ideas.

Boosts fertility

Lavender incense can balance your emotions and also boost your sexual drive. Lavender can make men more fertile whilst heighten the romantic mood in women. If you are struggling to conceive then try burning Lavender incense sticks in your bedroom to create a loving atmosphere.

Opens the crown chakra

The crown chakra or Sahasrara is at the top of your head. The crown chakra is known as the bridge of self with the universe and represents spiritual strength, wisdom and creativity.


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Happy burning 🙂


Disclaimer: we recommend consulting a physician for any ailments.



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