White Sage & Rosemary Smudge Stick



We know by now that white sage is perfect for cleansing, purifying and protection. But what about this combination? Using the white sage & rosemary smudge stick will cleanse your space and will dispel confusion, bring clarity, help rational thinking and improve memory.

It is also known to inspire fidelity so has long been popular with women (not to say men wouldn’t use it too). It is associated with the feminine power and energy, strongly linked to Aphrodite. Sprigs were burned at shrines in Ancient Greece as offerings and fumigations were used in the middle ages to fight plague and disease.

An old saying says “Where rosemary flourishes, the woman rules” and in England, it was believed that rosemary could not grow in the garden of the home unless the mistress was the master.

The scent from this smudge stick is herbaceous and brightly camphorous.

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