Oudh Extreme Incense Sticks

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We waited 10 years to bring you another Oudh because it had to be magnificent.

These sticks are soaked in the best of Oudh oils. Sparing no cost – the agarwood (oudh) used here is opulent, deep and sensual. It is carefully blended with a little nagarmotha, amber and pure Mysore sandalwood to keep it just shy from being ‘farmy’. Notes of violet, oakmoss and labdanum transform this stick into something so completely unique to the house of Temple of Incense, that it’s both a luxury, and a staple in your collection.

Powerful during meditation and exploration of self but also, you’ll want to bring this out when you’re entertaining.

Super-strength so you only need to burn a half at a time – if that.

Each box contains 20 long-burning incense sticks with a minimum burn time of 45 mins per stick.

100 loose sticks bulk option comes unboxed and packed in a plain plastic sleeve.

100 sticks of Oudh Extreme bulk price £150. Regular price £180.

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