For a smoke free alternative to incense sticks, using carefully blended oils we have created these unique SACRED SCENTED STONES.


To get the best out of your sacred stones, take an oil burner, something you would traditionally use oil and water in and place a few stones in the top (just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl, perhaps 6 or 7 stones). Don’t add any water. Light the tea light underneath and leave to burn until they stop giving off a scent. This is smoke-free and should usually last a MINIMUM of 4 -5 hours per teaspoon.

Alternatively, for a bigger, stronger impact, burn stones on charcoal: light a charcoal tablet and place in a charcoal incense burner/ anything fireproof (sitting on a safe surface). When the charcoal is hot, place a sacred stone on the piece of smouldering charcoal. This traditional way will be stronger, will smoke and won’t burn as long but will scent the room very quickly with a beautiful, intense aroma. If you get a little stuck, give us a call. Always happy to help!

PLEASE NOTE: All our jars are PET and recyclable.

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