Our Blooming Lovely’ incense gift set is a celebration of our best florals. Perfect for the season, for the Mother-figure in your life and for lovers of all things floral. We lovingly wrap this in tissue paper with a ribbon bow, ready to gift.

The ‘Blooming Lovely’ incense gift set contains:

20 sticks each of:

Jasmine Blossom


Indian Rose

Lavender Supreme

Lotus Flower

Kerala Flower

An exquisite Kashmiri incense holder. Each tray is meticulously hand – drawn and filled with vibrant colour, depicting traditional patterns from Kashmir.

Please note, the Kashmiri holder is for incense sticks use only. Do not stub incense sticks out in the tray, it will ruin the paint. Do not burn cones, charcoal or resins in this tray.


Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks with a minimum burn time of 45 minutes per stick.

~ ethically hand-made with love

– masterfully created from the best quality oils and resins, sourced from around the world

~ non-toxic

– cruelty-free

~ vegan incense sticks